with Karen Mason

Begin with Purpose...

I believe a new style of leadership is emerging, and as a leader it's time to embrace your evolution.


Be on Purpose


  • feeling inspired by, and aligned with, the purpose of your organisation…
  • achieving excellence through engaging and collaborative relationships…
  • making a positive impact on society and the world in which we live…

I care deeply about the experience people have at work. With this in mind, I believe leaders have a responsibility to be self aware and evolve in ways to enable work to be productive, fulfilling, and meaningful for everybody. I work with leaders who recognise the need for personal development and positive change in their organisation. I do this by facilitating honest and courageous conversations.



My intention is to support you lead in three ways:


by connecting deeply with the purpose of your organisation.


you and your team collaboratively in meaningful work.


through challenging the “way we do things around here”, developing more effective, human practices within your organisation.

Work with me to…


Connect deeply with the purpose and values of your organisation. Inspire others to align with your cause or belief, so that purpose drives performance and, like words through a stick of rock, is at the core of everything you do.


Clarity of purpose brings meaning to the workplace. When people engage collaboratively around shared purpose, energy ignites and connections are made, to deliver a great experience at work.


Create the right environment and people think afresh to do their best work. Here the importance of aligning with your purpose and values, along with your attitude and everyday actions come to life.

As a leader your approach is fundamental to the success of your organisation. How you inspire and engage others enables you, and your organisation, to grow and evolve. Seeking to develop yourself through one to one coaching, development programmes or change facilitation, enables you to reflect on your approach and become more aware of your impact on others.

If you are a leader who wants to develop your thoughts and behaviours , or represent an organisation seeking to grow your leaders, please get in touch to explore how we can work together.