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Our senior team, which had once been close and supportive, stopped feeling like a safe place to be.  Restructure had changed roles, poor inspection results created tension and behaviours changed for the worse. Stress levels were very high, poor behaviours became evident and team members were fragile. Low levels of trust were evident, it was important to get an external perspective and start to rebuild relationships.

Karen’s service was exceptional. She prepared carefully for each session yet didn’t mind tearing up her plans to ensure she responded to our emerging needs throughout the programme.  She spent time getting to know us individually, then helped us get to know each other more deeply. Over time we grew to accept that vulnerability is not something we should hide but embrace. She helped us rediscover our core values and purpose and slowly helped us to rebuild the team. She also helped us see that we were very productive and powerful when we operated as a unit.

When we all acknowledged our vulnerability – even the ‘strongest’ of us, it felt like we turned a corner. More practically, we started to think creatively about the opportunities and resources we had. We worked to craft a role that would give us more capacity and expertise in some of our weaker areas. It allowed us to feel ok about not always having made the correct decisions previously and recognise we need to be dynamic in our approach.

Whilst not perfect, trust is growing and communication is better.  We can challenge each other now without creating hostility. It feels like a more optimistic and supportive team. We are in a much better place now and given that we are recruiting for another staff member to join the team, we realise that we cannot become complacent and that the team dynamic will continue to change.

Julie Murray

Chief Officer, East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Embarking on a programme of leadership development with Karen came at the perfect moment for me, having recently transitioned into a new role.

I was quickly becoming a bottle neck for decision making and the team were becoming dependant on me before taking action. Having time monthly during modules to reflect quickly helped me to be more courageous, experiment and try news ways of being with my team.

The impact I experienced adopting a coaching approach was almost immediate and the results far more than I bargained for! People responded by stepping up and being more accountable. The team engaged in building the strategy and team structure with me. This more open and engaging way of working has improved communication and performance across the team.

Lorna Murphy

Operations Director, Abellio

Participating in the Senior Leadership Development Programme with Karen has been personally and professionally rewarding for me. The space was “safe” from the beginning and gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and honest with my peers.

Karen is a super facilitator. Having attended many programmes in my career, her facilitation and expertise is by far the best I’ve seen. Karen’s warm, personable style commands respect and any challenges you receive from her are balanced, just and encourage you to stretch yourself further.

The programme provided me with reassurance about my own leadership approach along with ways in which I can develop my style. Working in HR I also intend to use approaches learned to support my managers with their development.

Kieran O'Flaherty

HR Manager, British Film Institute

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