I am

Karen Mason

Leadership Coach and Organisational Change Facilitator

I care deeply about the experience people have at work and have become a positive force for organisational change. I believe we have the opportunity to organise and behave in ways at work that enable our organisations to flourish and where people go home at the end of each day feeling productive and fulfilled.

Described as “bringing enthusiasm and energy to my work, whilst making a difference through the power of honest and courageous conversations”, I facilitate events that enable leaders to become more self aware and recognise how to inspire and engage the people around them.

With an operational background in Aerospace and Defence within engineering and procurement, I have always been fascinated by people and how they choose to impact their organisation and the wider world. Through my experience as a leader and facilitator, I have discovered valuable patterns about how people think, act and communicate, and how to create environments in which people flourish and operate at their best. I now share my thinking in order to facilitate leadership and organisational development and inspire positive action.

I operate in alignment with my values of courage, attention, collaboration and learning… because I believe you and your experience at work matters.

Be Courageous and Model Change

I model leadership, challenge thinking and inspire change, often feeling at odds with cultural norms.


Build Collaborative Team Spirit

I facilitate open and honest discussions that build trust, leading to long term productive and creative relationships.


Give Quality Attention

I listen with curiosity and genuine interest, in order to respond fully to the needs of my clients.

Bring Energy and Pursue Learning

I care deeply about what I do and the difference I make to people’s lives. I am passionate about enabling a new style of leadership to emerge, because we all matter, as does our contribution to the organisations in which we work.