Karen Mason

Team Coach . Leadership Development Facilitator

I care deeply about the experience people have at work and have become a positive force for organisational change.  I believe we have the opportunity to organise and behave in ways at work that enable our organisations to flourish and where people go home at the end of each day feeling productive and fulfilled.

Described as “bringing enthusiasm and energy to her work, whilst making a difference through the power of honest and courageous conversations”, I work to enable leaders to become more self-aware and recognise how they can inspire and engage the people around them.

With an operational background in Aerospace and Defence within engineering and procurement, I have always been fascinated by people, and how they choose to impact their ogranisation and the wider world.  Through my experience as a leader and facilitator, I have discovered valuable patterns around how people think, act and communicate; and how to create environments in which people flourish and operate at their best.  I now share my thinking in order to facilitate leadership and organisational development and inspire positive action.

I’d love to hear about your current challenges and intentions for building a great place to work, so please take a moment and message me below.

Thank you for taking time to visit and I look forward to hearing from you.


In helping you build a great place to work I operate in accordance with my values…


I embark on our relationship by listening deeply to understand your needs.  We then draw on my experience to co-create a practical learning programme.


Together we identify your strengths and challenges and pinpoint specific areas for personal, team or organisational development.


Through facilitation of high quality, practical learning experiences, we create a safe environment in which courageous conversations take place.


I care about you and the success of your team
and organisation.

Coach & Facilitator

I love helping leaders build great places to work, where people thrive. Ask me about recent projects, I love sharing real stories about how my work makes a positive difference.


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