Why Does Your Organisation Exist?

Why Does Your Organisation Exist?

“Why does your organisation exist?”


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question?

Bringing together a group of leaders recently to explore this seemingly simple question, we quickly discovered this question runs deep. For some the question proved quite challenging to pinpoint a clean response. Most could identify what we valued. What makes our organisation different, but not quite able to articulate our purpose. Beyond profit, what is the cause or belief your organisation is fulfilling?


Why Bother?

Spending time tapping into the true purpose of your organisation can be a hugely valuable activity. We identified three great reasons as to “why bother?”


1.     Contribution

By connecting with your true purpose you unearth the real value your organisation contributes to society. Sharing stories and examples about where you are delivering on purpose creates connection for your team and wider network.


2.     Alignment

Being clear about your purpose is like a beacon, attracting the people who share your beliefs. This may be your customers, employees, partners or other key stakeholders. When people align with a shared sense of purpose, greater meaning and fulfilment is created in your workplace.


3.     Energy

When people contribute to a belief or cause they feel passionate about, decisions and actions are more likely to flow. This shared sense of purpose provides a compass guiding the daily choices being made by each and every one of the team. People find themselves energised when moving in a common direction. The team have a shared language and speak enthusiastically about their workplace.


My Purpose

For me, my organisation exists because… I believe that as leaders we have the responsibility to enable workplace cultures that are meaningful and productive, where people flourish.


What About You?

So how about you? What are your thoughts about why your organisation exists? If it’s not clear to you yet, how about capturing your initial thoughts. I invite you to engage your team and share stories about why you do what you do. Experiment and keep refining your message to gain greater clarity.

Let me know how you get on. If you’d value the support of a facilitator to hold space and help guide the conversation, do get in touch I’d love to help.


Inspiring leaders to define and align with their purpose, whilst fostering engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in coaching and facilitation, the impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

What If We Slow Down to Speed Up?

What If We Slow Down to Speed Up?


The world seems to demand that everything gets our attention, right now. We are connected almost 24 / 7. If we don’t stop and pause to reflect on our habits and behaviours, and make connecting a conscious choice, this constant connectivity starts to run our lives.

So… what if we slow down to speed up?

One of the most valuable lessons participants on my development programmes comment on, is following the module where we consciously slow down and make quality time for one another. I make no apology for the pace of my delivery, it is intentional and it is testing for some! For those that take the learning out into their working environment it has profound effect. They notice that taking time for themselves, and their colleagues

  • dramatically improves their ability to make decisions,
  • positively impacts the quality of their relationships and
  • increases trust within their team.

Switch Off

They stop being a slave to email and messages, switching off devices when with others, giving the people they are with their undivided attention. Whether one to one, or in meetings, they resist the urge to constantly check their phone, or respond to an incoming email, knowing it will wait. Knowing that being present for the people in the room is the most important connection in this moment. There will be time later to take care of those virtual demands.

Changing Habits

With practice the participants who break the ritual checking of devices for updates, value the positive changes to their routine, realtionships and wellbeing.

Reward yourself by making space in your schedule tomorrow. Stop reacting instantly to “pings”, silence your gadgets and allocate set times to check and respond. Give yourself time to pause and be present, time to think and reflect… give yourself time to adjust to a new routine, one where you are in control. Then notice the calm… and let me know how you get on.



Karen Mason inspires leaders to define and align with their purpose, whilst fostering engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in coaching and facilitation, the impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

One of the things I love about the work I do is meeting new people and hearing your stories. The stories we share about ourselves define who we are. In the workplace this brings about it’s rewards and challenges, as we embrace one another as diverse and uniquely talented human beings.

My Story

For my part I’ve enjoyed the successes and challenges of being a leader for much of my life. Whether with the Girl Guides, Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions, completing an HND in Applied Physics, establishing a successful career or studying for my Masters in Business Administration. I have always been a natural leader who relishes a challenge!

My career started with BAE Systems as a graduate systems engineer in the late 1980’s. Working for such a large organisation provided plenty of opportunity to perform a diverse range of roles within different business environments. This provided my working focus for over 20 years, working with senior leaders and reporting to board members. I experienced the demands faced by leaders operating in today’s rapidly changing business environment. With many role changes during my career… some due to personal development, some due to reorganisation, and some due to personal circumstances. All requiring me to demonstrate flexibility, work collaboratively and deal with change, to optimise my performance.

The Wilderness

However, the organisation was changing and so was I. Returning to work after each of my two boys was a tough experience for me. The business was undergoing a significant merger and the values of the organisation I joined were being eroded. I sought to find meaning in my work and balance the needs of my role with my young family. This proved for me to be impossible! Finally I faced up to this truth and made a really courageous decision to resign.

New Beginnings

I care deeply about the experience people have at work. So recognising the value of my business experience and talent for developing others, I established Karen Mason Associates. I now work with senior leaders, supporting them develop a greater sense of purpose and self awareness, in order to bring about broader organisational development. What drives me is my belief that leaders have the responsibility to organise and behave in ways that enable people to flourish, and go home at the end of each day feeling productive and fulfilled.

My curiosity and interest in others, along with creative enthusiasm underpins a style which is a blend of warmth and challenge, structure and collaboration. I love my work and lead with a strong sense of purpose. I appreciate that my experience of corporate life informs much of who I am now and what I do.

… and in my spare time?

Well, my two boys, Aaron and Rhys have grown up fast, with Aaron now at Uni and Rhys starting college. Over the past 12 months Kevin (my hubby) and I have been able to spend more time together. Together we enjoy fell walking, exploring new places, eating out and cooking for friends. My love is for personal development. I constantly have a business book on the go and have recently started to write one of my own… more about that later 🙂 In my down time, what do I do to relax? My guilty pleasure is enjoying a long, ice chilled gin and tonic in the garden, as the sun goes down!

How about you, what’s your story?

With all it’s twists and turns I have been fortunate enough to discover work, and a life, that I love. How about you?

What’s your story… I’d love to know more about what makes you, you!



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