5 Ways to Transform your Leadership

5 Ways to Transform your Leadership

What kind of leader do you aspire to be?

In today’s frenetic world, there is tremendous focus on what needs doing and taking action. So often when I meet with leaders, they measure their success by telling me how busy they are.

The consequence for the people working in our organisations, is that time poor leaders pay poor quality of attention to their team members. This downward spiral is having a significant impact on employee engagement and wellbeing. With work-related stress reportedly reaching epidemic proportions, something needs to change.

Many leaders are unaware that they are holding on to traditional views about how to lead and manage on a day to day basis. Left unchallenged, unhealthy cultures prevail in many organisations, as leaders disregard how they contribute.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are 5 ways you can choose to transform your leadership today…


1.  Alignment

Being in alignment with your organisation is key to your success.

What do I mean by this?

When you believe in the mission or cause of your organisation, you will find energy and meaning to take you through your day.

If the purpose of your organisation is vague, it’s hard to find alignment. Without clarity your role to inspire and motivate those around you is much tougher.

Spend time exploring the purpose of your organisation with your team and aligning with your organisation’s message.


2.  Ask

Shifting your routine behaviour from telling people what you want, to asking for their ideas, is one of the most profound changes leaders can make.

When you ask, you encourage people to think for themselves and become accountable for their actions. You develop leaders rather than followers.


3.  Attention

The quality of attention that you give to others makes a huge difference. It’s the difference between people feeling valued and appreciated, or feeling like an expendable resource.

To build outstanding relationships, set your intention to ensure the people you work with know they matter. Value all those around you, make sure people feel they belong and you will grow a team that flourishes.


4.  Awareness

Leadership starts with you, being you!

When you know yourself:

  • what matters,
  • your strengths,
  • weakness,
  • are vulnerable and willing to ask for support,

you become a more human leader.

People grow to trust you. This trust forms the foundations of a high performing team.


5.  Autonomy

People want autonomy, to be treated as adults at work.

Encouraging greater autonomy starts by developing people to think for themselves and it being safe to make decisions without referring to hierarchy.

When you cultivate a learning environment, people know it is safe to experiment and feel supported to take action… and you stop being the bottleneck!

What Now?

These five practices may sound simple, however will only transform your leadership if they become habit. Set you intention to notice which of the five ‘A’s’ you work on today:

  1. Alignment
  2. Ask
  3. Attention
  4. Awareness
  5. Autonomy

Reflect on your impact and let me know how you get on.

When you choose to pause and rethink your leadership, you can become the kind of leader who inspires, engages and evolves the people you serve.

These are some of the themes explored in my book which will be published this summer.

Rethinking Leadership to Cultivate Healthy Workplace Cultures

If you are ready to rethink your leadership, message me to find out how I can help.



Karen Mason is on a mission to cultivate healthy workplace cultures, where people matter.

Karen is known for her passion and expertise in leadership development and team coaching. The impact of which has a positive influence on team wellbeing and productivity.

Is Your Organisation in Crisis?

Is Your Organisation in Crisis?

If ever there was a time when we need to reinvent our organisations, it’s now. The latest reports that work-related stress has reached epidemic proportions is a cry for change.

International Stress Awareness Week is an opportunity for senior leaders to acknowledge how you are contributing to this crisis. With reported rates of work related stress, anxiety and depression on the increase at an alarming rate, what can you do to cultivate a healthy working environment?

Are You Changing?

As a director and senior leader within your organisation I believe you have a responsibility, as part of the senior team, to look at how your behaviours are contributing to the problem. This is often seen as developing “soft skills” and somehow less important, or optional, for senior leaders. A different style of management and leadership needs to evolve and is vital for the sustainability of successful organisations. If you never take time to think:

  • How current are your values and beliefs?
  • How do you adapt your style to lead in our rapidly changing world?
  • How do you develop new patterns of behaviour

Then, how will you ever make the vital changes needed for your organisation to flourish?

Culture Change is Essential

Culture change for most organisations is not optional but essential. As leaders you need to foster a wellbeing culture where your employees feel valued and trusted. The individuals within your teams want to make a difference. They want to perform and contribute to something they believe in, a worthwhile cause, service or product. It is often bureaucracy and outdated behaviours that block both productivity and wellbeing.

Enable Success

Reinventing your organisation to cultivate a healthy workplace culture starts by acknowledging you have a problem. Once recognised, you can engage one another in honest conversations and notice what needs to change. With an open mind, and a willingness to be curious about new ways of being, solutions will start to emerge that will positively affect your environment.

As a Chief Executive or Director, if you would value a confidential, exploratory conversation to air your thoughts about the health of your organisation, please contact me directly.

About Karen…

Karen Mason is on a mission to inspire leaders to define and align with their purpose. In so doing, foster more meaningful and engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in leadership coaching and facilitation. The impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

For a conversation about the health of your organisation, message me at karen@karenmasonassociates.co.uk.

How do the Seasons Influence our Organisations?

Still popping with ideas following a rich discussion this morning comparing cycles in organisations with the four seasons. What really struck me is our obsession with Spring like growth in our organisations. We appear to work frantically to prepare the ground and get sowing, hoping for accelerated results in the form of profit and performance.

What happens when we take a more balanced approach?

Embracing Winter, taking time to rest, reflect, restore and evaluate. Summer, a time to feed and nurture, encourage and appreciate the splendour of our efforts. Whilst Autumn is a time to celebrate and harvest the results of our labour.

Growth at any cost?

Continuing to obsess with growth, compromises the wellbeing of our organisations and the people within. Instead of flourishing we harvest burnt out, weary employees whose energy is depleted because there’s never time to enjoy the spoils of our labour. It’s vital that we rest, reflect and restore, take time to replenish, feel valued and celebrate achievements.

Lessons from nature

When we tend to our organisations, embracing all of the seasons, we prepare the ground, nurture and nourish, creating steady sustainable growth and have time to feel energised and appreciate the fruits of our labour. Working with natures cycles as a metaphor in the workplace can teach us a lot about fulfilling the needs of each of us.

Pause for thought…

In what way can you embrace the messages that each season brings in how you lead your team?



Karen Mason inspires leaders to define and align with their purpose, whilst fostering engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in coaching and facilitation, the impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

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