How effective are your relationships?

Establish engaging, collaborative relationships for greater productivity.


Do your interactions deliver quality thinking, ideas and decisions from everyone?
Do your interactions encourage, engage and energise people?
​Are your meetings productive?

Most activities in the workplace require us to connect with others in order to deliver our goals. How we build relationships, influence and engage others can have a huge impact on our own effectiveness.

We spend a significant amount of time meeting others… one to one, or in groups, with our peers, our team, our customers, our suppliers and other key relationships. Yet how often do you come away feeling less than satisfied?

People who recognise the value of relationships, who develop an effective meeting culture, boost productivity and morale, whilst saving time and money as a result.

All my programmes are experiential, inviting participants to think about real situations, their actions and behaviours in relation to the topics being developed. Typical “Connect on Purpose” topics include:

Effective Meetings

Consider key factors essential to lead effective meetings.
Experience techniques to engage everyone in your meetings.
Create your meeting agenda.
Run a real meeting.
Reflect on your learning.
Receive feedback on your implementation of the process.

Inspiring Performance

Explore the purpose of performance management.
Define outcomes for a constructive meeting.
Consider how to create a productive environment that engages your team member and values their strengths.
Develop self awareness, exploring your style and likely impact on your colleague.
Plan for an effective conversation.
Experience how to give and receive feedback.

What you will gain

  1. Greater engagement and inclusion.
  2. Better quality thinking.
  3. Better solutions and decisions.
  4. More productive, efficient meetings.
  5. Greater respect and trust between colleagues.
  6. More authentic and honest interactions.
  7. Positive impact on performance.

I approached Karen because I wanted to bring two teams together to explore how they will work more closely together to deliver shared outcomes. Karen helped me by designing and facilitating an Effective Meetings training programme. This enabled the teams to experience different applications for working together in meetings and apply their learning to a real business need. The result was highly engaging, enabling individuals to get to know one another and identify how they will support one another more effectively going forward.

One thing I liked was Karen’s ability to introduce new skills and address a real business need at the same time. I found the experience energising, productive and focused. I would recommend Karen to people who need to transform their business meetings to make them more effective and engaging.

Judith Stothard

Head of Volunteering, Princes Trust

The course has been transformational and I am not using that word lightly. It has transformed my thinking in that I can look for possibilities. I have shared some of the learning and been asked to chair several different meetings with very positive effects and lots of positive feedback. It resonates so much with people and they feel valued, respected and appreciated.
The course was delivered in a very skilled way by Karen, which allowed all participants to participate fully and give of their best thinking.

Karen Krawczyk

Speech and Language Therapist, NHS

If you would like to develop the effectiveness of your relationships, be more collaborative or run more effective meetings, please get in touch to explore how we can work together. All the programmes outlined here can be tailored to meet your specific needs.