When was the last time you found yourself working on a project, or contributing to a team, and wondering “where’s this going?”

You find yourself going through the motions, with little energy or thought about outcomes. You do what you do out of habit.

If you are working in a team, or contributing to a project, that’s become stale having lost its mojo, I suggest it’s time to challenge the status quo. It’s time to think about reinventing yourselves. We spend too many hours at work to not be motivated by what we do.

In my experience working with teams, tapping into the energy and enthusiasm that launched the team or project in the first place is often a good place to start. Reminding yourselves why you exist, the core purpose of your project or team, can breathe new life into what you do.

As a group, it can be really helpful to re-engage with each other by taking time out to pause and reflect together…

  • remind yourselves of your shared outcomes, what are you seeking to achieve together?
    appreciate the strengths each of you bring to the group,
  • take a fresh perspective and consider the beneficiaries of the project or team deliverables. Reminding yourselves of their requirements and how you are making a difference is a great source of motivation,
  • agree how you want to work together… what do each of you need to work at your best?

These are a few of my suggestions… what else has worked for you to reinvent a project or reignite a team you’ve been part of?



Karen Mason inspires leaders to define and align with their purpose, whilst fostering engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in coaching and facilitation, the impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

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