I believe coaching as a leadership approach helps to make work more meaningful. So I’ve been delighted to work with an inspiring group of leaders over the past 12 months, who have been honing their coaching skills.

As I bring their programme to a close, it is always tinged with sadness for me as I say goodbye.  One of the things I love about my work is the relationships I build and observing individual growth and development as a programme unfolds. I know that the people participating will be transformed by their experience, yet at the outset it’s impossible to know how.

On concluding the programme, our parting is also full of hope… as I trust my work is done and let the group fly. My belief, that they will take their freshly developed skills, values and mindset to positively shape and impact their worlds.


Sustainability through Self Management

With this particular group I notice there is a real opportunity for them to form a self managed team, with shared purpose. I leave wondering if their current sense of purpose compelling enough? Or will it require something more, to keep this team united in their support for one another? I know that together they are stronger and more influential. I have witnessed first hand what a positive impact they already make on one another and on all those around them.


Shared Purpose

On further reflection, I believe the team have a clear outcome… to sustain and grow a coaching approach to leadership within the organisation. However, my instinct is they need to find a compelling sense of shared purpose. Having completed their development journey together, what is their shared belief about the value of adopting a coaching approach within their organisation?


Their Future…

I wonder where they will be in 6 months time? Will they create a shared identity and deliver shared outcomes within their organisation? Alternatively, will their passion and energy dissipate, without me giving them a reason to come together to connect?


Sustainable Change

When facilitating leadership development, my intention is to create sustainable change. So with each group I facilitate, I encourage them to explore the nature of change being proposed. I do this through group discussion and enquiry. Then, having had chance to be curious, it’s time for the group to embrace change. Their first hand experience is essential to practice a change of behaviour and gain feedback. Over time I have found this balance between enquiry, practice and real time feedback to be the most successful way for change to be embedded. In this way, leaders start to embed a coaching approach. Ultimately, with sufficient practice and peer support, these changes become habit and the new way of doing things.

So as I depart with curiosity… what are the essential factors needed to sustain shifts in our identity and our behaviour?


What’s Your Experience of Embedding Change?

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had personal experience of embedding sustainable change within organisations? What contributed to your success?



Karen’s purpose is to make work more meaningful.

She inspires leaders to define and align with their purpose, to foster engaging workplace cultures, where people matter. Karen is known for her passion and expertise in coaching and facilitation. The impact of which has a positive influence on the way leaders lead within their organisation.

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