Are you leading on purpose?

Discover new ways of leading that inspire, engage and support your people and organisation evolve.

Take time to reflect and consider your leadership approach…

Leadership development programmes are modular in approach to enable you to design the perfect programme to meet your evolving development needs. Typical modules include:


Providing you an opportunity to think… “Why does your organisation exist?” What purpose is your organisation fulfilling in the world, and how does your purpose inspire the people you employ? Define your organisation’s purpose to  create energy, meaning and reason for people to perform.


Identify core value statements to provide employees a moral compass, giving clarity as to how you expect people to behave and make decisions.

Outcome Thinking

Discover the value of thinking in terms of outcomes when communicating and engaging your team and colleagues in projects. When you work together to clearly define success and support your team deliver taking a coaching approach, performance and engagement increases.

Coaching Conversations

Adopt a coaching approach to ignite creativity, encourage responsibility and increase performance, by providing space for team members to think for themself and grow in confidence.

Appreciative Inquiry

Considering change? Appreciative Inquiry is a solution focus approach that seeks to discover the best in your people, and your organisation. Bring about change that embraces the wholeness of the human system recognising strengths, possibilities, and successes.

Reflective Practice

The value in taking time out for personal development cannot be underestimated. All my programmes encourage reflective practice to enable new insights, highlight choices you can make about your own attitudes and behaviours to enable you to grow as a leader.


Reflect on what style of leadership do you want in your organisation, explore latest thinking and what this means for you and your team.

Organisational Wellbeing

Consider how to foster healthy relationships in the workplace that engender trust, support and openness.
As a leader your approach is fundamental to the success of your organisation. How you inspire and engage others enables you, and your organisation, to grow and evolve. Seeking to develop yourself through one to one coaching, development programmes or change facilitation, enables you to reflect on your approach and become more aware of your impact on others. If you are a leader who wants to develop your thoughts and behaviours , or represent an organisation seeking to grow your leaders, please get in touch to explore how we can work together.