It is widely reported that our organisations are broken, productivity and morale are poor, and work rleated stress is at an all time high.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By rethinking our leadership we can positively impact the people around us and transform the culture of our organisations.

Get Pause and discover how you can transform the way you lead and cultivate a team of people who flourish.

About Pause

Too many leaders feel daunted, with full diaries and little time to think.  With so many things needing attention, work can feel overwhelming at times.

In their busyness, many leaders are in danger of losing sight of what’s really important – their connection and relationships with team members and colleagues.

This is why I’ve written Pause.  My message is simple; that by slowing down and investing time to rethink your leadership, you can positively impact the culture and people around you.

In this book, I’ll show you how you can…

  • Stop feeling like a bottleneck in your company,
  • Inspire your team and colleagues, by engaging them more effectively,
  • Evolve your leadership by letting go of outdated attitudes and behaviours, and
  • Support your team in thinking for themselvees, becoming more autonomous, more fulfilled and more productive.

Are you ready to Pause, rethink leadership and discover how you can be the change required to improve your workplace culture?

If so, you can order your copy of Pause now.

Praise for Pause

In writing this ambitious book, Karen has set out to challenge leadership conventions; if leadership matters to you, then Pause will resonate.  Karen’s honesty and visionary approach is insightful, innovative, but above all accessible.  Providing the reader with a usable guide to address that most complex of issues, the leadership of people.  I took a simple message away: change your habits and you will not only change your future for the better, but the future of the people around you.

Philip Dyer
Founder, Healthy Leaders

Leadership can be messy and complicated.  Pause encourages you to recognise “That’s okay!” and by giving yourself time to reflect, be honest and vulnerable about what drives you, you can bring about positive personal and organisation change.

Kieran O’Flaherty
HR Manager, British Film Institute

If you are frustrated by conventional management styles and techniques and want to do something about it, Karen will tell you how.  This is a manual for moving you and your colleagues to enjoyable, satisfying, high levels of performance.

Simon Dixon
CEO, Hatmill

Pause will make you do just that.  We all need time to think – whether it’s about the future, a current issue or a project you’re working on; quality thinking time makes all the difference.

Through real stories and anecdotes, theory and questions to make you think, Pause will help you recognise patterns from your work environment and get you started on the path to make time for yourself.  When you do that, you’ll definitely reap the benefits!

Lorna Murphy
Operations Director, Abellio London Bus

About the Author

Karen Mason cares deeply about the experience people have at work, and believes that leaders should be equipped with the tools they need to cultivate a healthy team climate.  She has discovered that when people are aligned with the purpose of their work, and encouraged to think for themselves, their engagement and productivity transforms.  Through the power of courageous conversations and experiential learning, Karen inspires personal and organisational change.

Karen founded Leading on Purpose to focus on her work with senior leaders who are positively looking to pause, re-think their approach to leadership and have a positive impact on their team.  She helps leaders to adapt and become more purposeful in their work.

Karen lives in Lancashire, UK, with her husband Kevin and two teenage sons.

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