Exploring the “Why” of Projects

I had a wonderful opportunity to explore “why” with a small group of team leaders and work with Simon Sinek’s concept of the Golden Circle today. Rather than considering “why” at an organisational level, they were each asked to identify a work related project that they are leading on. My intention, that through their exploration, the leaders would discover a deeper personal connection with their projects. With this new awareness, the leaders are equipped to find new ways to inspire and appeal to their delivery stakeholders.


Each leader had the opportunity, supported by a partner, to reflect on 3 questions:

  1. What is the core value or belief that underpins the need for your project?
  2. Why does your project matter, what difference will it make and to whom?
  3. When your project is hugely successful, how will your world be a better place?


Reflecting on the answers to these three questions, each leader took time to capture a short statement expressing their “why”. They then had fun presenting their statement back to the rest of the group. Feedback following the exercise was surprise at how challenging it was to determine a succinct “why” statement. On having done so, how worthwhile it felt. People generally experienced a far greater association with their project and were looking forward to sharing their fresh insights to inspire and engage others.

Pause for thought…

What projects are you currently leading on? Are you clear about your “why”? If you are curious and would like to learn more, check out this YouTube clip with Simon Sinek.


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