Teal – the Future of Organisational Development?

The concept of teal in association with the evolution of organisations is becoming more prevalent in my research. I first came across the concept on reading “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux. It’s been a long while since I felt inspired by a book… and Laloux has really fuelled my imagination. His book is packed with possibilities for the evolutionary design of organisations. These organisations embrace humanity and value each of us for our unique talents.
Evolutionary Teal The case studies described in the book provide a reality check. Organisations really can provide creative environments where we can thrive and contribute in meaningful ways towards a common purpose. Laloux calls these organisations “Evolutionary Teal”. He introduces the concept of organisations as living organisms. Sensing and responding, he suggests such systems can evolve way beyond the bureaucracy and constraints of the mechanistic structures so prevalent in organisations today. Whilst the leap from traditional command and control style of management to self managing, living systems is huge, I believe there are many signs that this shift is essential and the appetite for change is growing. We inherently know we cannot continue to build hugely complex, controlling structures. At some level many of us suspect there must be another, better way to organise ourselves. I am inspired by the case studies shared by Laloux which give hope that change is possible. He offers practical considerations for those who are ready to consider organisational transformation on a significant scale. Left curious and hungry to learn more about this changing world view, I am seeking first hand experiences from those who are making the leap. If you are leader embedding these new working practices, who would benefit from working with a coach, please get in touch.