How can I Help?

Finding myself disillusioned by the culture at work, I imagined there must have been a better way for leaders to function, enabling the people they influence to flourish.  This low point in my career fueled my desire to discover how; and my quest began.

What I’ve learned and experienced over the last 15 years, is that a shift in beliefs and simple changes to daily habits, can positively impact on your relationships and in turn, the performance of those around you.

Through my programmes, I love sharing these insights with leaders keen to develop.

What I Do

Each of my clients comes with their own unique sets of needs.  Importantly, the first thing I do is listen to understand and appreciate your situation.  Whether you are seeking to form a new team, looking to discover new ways to lead or bring about wide organisational change, I offer flexibility and adapt my offer to respond to your specific needs.

Coaching & Facilitation

 Team and leadership programmes are designed with you to help raise awareness and challenge habits and behaviours that interfere with performance.

Learning Events

Events are designed to target specific requirements.  Topics may include,

  • Nurturing Autonomy and Teal Practices
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Transform Your Meetings

Culture Change

Personal coaching and team facilitation to support you in considering the desired culture of your team and organisation.

Depending on your needs and your vision, we can create a long-term partnership or work on a one-off project; the choice is yours.  I work on a daily rate plus expenses, providing a detailed quote upfront.

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