Start with Why

For leaders ready to evolve their thinking, join us on Friday 12th October 2018

Why does your organisation exist?…

This practical morning is for senior leaders who want to stay fresh, and explore latest thinking around leadership. We will focus on the work of Simon Sinek, “Start with Why” and his concept of the Golden Circle. An opportunity to bring this approach to life and consider how it could work powerfully for you and your organisation.

What’s the plan?…

Bringing together a peer group of leaders for a participant-led learning experience, we will provide light touch facilitation, and a safe environment. Specifically, the purpose of the event is to:


Encourage honest, challenging and courageous leadership conversations.


Develop a compelling sense of your own purpose and that of your organisation.


Inspire you to consider positive behavioural and organisational change.

Consider how to sustain an environment where people flourish and achieve high performance, health and wellbeing.

Who’s facilitating the event?

Karen Mason and Chris Malings are change facilitators who care deeply about the experience people have at work. Believing leaders have the responsibility to enable an environment where work is productive, fulfilling, and meaningful for everybody…
this is our “Why” for Evolving Leaders.

Karen Mason
Karen Mason
Chris Malings
Chris Malings

Who’s hosting the event?

Forbes Solicitors is the largest legal practice in the North West outside the major cities. We have a reputation for providing practical, straightforward legal advice with a focus on the commercial objectives of your organisation.

Oak House | Sceptre Way
Walton Summit, Preston, PR5 6AW


08:30 Refreshments on arrival
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Start with Why
10.45 What next?
11:00 Close

Reserve your place…

For more information and to request your invite to the event, message Karen directly at